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Check out this artist's impressive Madonna portrait in progress!

An artist submitted the following link to his Madonna work: “I am currently working on a portrait of Madonna, and I believe no one has seen Madonna like this before… Huffington Post recently did an article on my previous drawings. Below is a snapshot of the portrait in progress. The pic has Instagram fiter - the original colors are brighter and bolder. Hope to finish it by next week and share it with the world.”

This was the big bang of the ’80s, the start of so many huge things.  MTV was less than a year old, and here was <a href=”">Madonna</a>, in 1982, at the MTV studios, two future giants of music coming together.

Her own career was just taking off, and she was everything that was fresh and new and intriguing - the hair, the makeup, the untamed eyebrows, and the bracelets, oh, the bracelets.  Every girl in America wore those bracelets and wished they could look half as cool.  Some wrote this look off as a passing fad, and perhaps they were right, but what they didn’t know was that this gorgeous young woman had thousands of other tricks up her sleeve.

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